With the festive season fast approaching, we would like to encourage you and your business to ensure you have all of the integrated labels that you need for when you have that mad rush on orders and subsequent deliveries to your customers!

The lead up to December 25th can mean that these invaluable resources often get forgotten or pushed aside, so take some time now to maximise your business potential by getting ahead of the pack and let us get your delivery shipped before it’s too late. The PickitPackit integrated labels can be used for picking lists, returns and more; order today or if you would like something bespoke please get in touch – we will ensure your Christmas is less stressful, and more successful than ever before.

As a reminder to those who have ordering or will be ordering in the next few weeks, we will be closing the office on Friday 20th December and will re-open on Thursday 2nd January. Our Christmas opening hours are as follows;

Monday 23rd December – Closed
Tuesday 24th December (Christmas Eve) – Closed
Wednesday 25th December (Christmas Day) – Closed
Thursday 26th December (Boxing Day) – Closed
Friday 27th December – Closed
Saturday 28th December – Closed
Sunday 29th December – Closed
Monday 30th December – Closed
Tuesday 31st December (New Years Eve) – Closed
Wednesday 1st January (New Years Day) – Closed
Thursday 2nd January – Open
Friday 3rd January – Open

Thank you for a great 2019 and Merry Christmas.

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RomanCart is one of the most flexible, aftermarket web systems for e-commerce shops. Featured on over 50,000 different websites worldwide it is used to sell a variety of products with everything from clothing to food items. This flexibility makes it a good system to tie into existing shops which we are told customers love!

We manufacture and supply a range of integrated labels which are designed to be used with RomanCart systems. These Roman Cart delivery and return labels can streamline your business processes and system, minimising waste and saving resource. Can you imagine just printing one sheet of paper which includes the invoice, picking list, delivery label and returns label? All in one integrated label that you can just tear off along the perforated edges.

The PickitPackit range of integrated labels are suitable for nearly any e-commerce system and for any sending platform such as Royal Mail Click and Drop or other third party couriers.

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Automating as many tasks and processes as possible is essential to the success of any small business. And with Amazon the largest e-commerce site in the world, one of the simplest ways for a business selling on Amazon to save precious time and money is with integrated labels.

As anyone selling on Amazon will know, order processing can one of the most time consuming tasks. Though simple to do, copying and pasting a delivery address into a document, printing it, cutting it out and then taping it to a package is often laborious – not to mention tedious. This process can also cause a serious backlog of orders, even if there’s a relatively small amount of them. If this sounds like an all-too-familiar story, integrated labels are here to help.

What Is an Integrated Label?

An integrated label is a sticky label that’s included on a standard A4 sheet. Most often integrated labels are used as shipping labels on print invoices or packing lists but they can include more than one label and be used for things such as gift messaging or promotions. A second label is also often used as a returns label for the recipient should they want to send something back.

All this means that integrated labels can save you labour and time, as well as keep all of your processes tightly organised as all delivery information is kept on one single sheet.

At PickIt PackIt, we stock a range of labels for all of the largest online sellers on the internet, including those selling through Amazon. Our Amazon integrated labels come in various sizes and designs, so you’ll also find the right integrated sticky label sheet to suit your needs.

Take a look at our full range of Amazon Integrated Labels here.

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