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What Is Rewards?

Rewards is a new point system that has been put in place on our website for all of our valuable customers. The system allows customers to build up a wallet of online-store points, which can then later be used to purchase products on our website.

When you purchase products from our website you will be awarded with a certain amount of points. The amount of points is calculated using our conversion rate of £1 = 1p, so this means that every time you spend £1 on our website, you will earn 1p back which in total is 1% back from the order that you have placed. This may not seem much but it all adds up over time, so that in the end it does actually work out to be a great amount of discount for our customers. After all of the orders that you have placed, we believe it’s time we gave something back. For more information please watch the video above.

You buy, we reward!

Save money on future orders!

Earn online!

Each pound you spend converts to 0.1% off your next order!

Relax, we will manage your rewards!